Industries that gain Most from Social Media Marketing Vol.2

Here we are back again with our super knowledge pack vol.2. With the growing need or say addiction, people are hyperactive on social media 24*7. Therefore several business sectors have turned their way towards digital marketing because the customer is king and pleasing the king is, at last, the main motive.

Let’s Continue on the part where we were learning how different sectors gain benefit from Social Media marketing…

Food  Industry

Many of the food sectors use social media to focus on creating viral campaigns and visually appealing posts. The major benefit for food industry is that it can quickly build a positive reputation by attracting large no. of the audience through quirky, humorous, foodie ads.

Restaurants can gain credibility and build rapport through quality and creative content – they see what you have to offer, are intrigued and then once you have captivated their attention it’s easier to convert that attention to sales.

Fashion Industry

Content travels at the lightening fast-speed on social media, thus it proves to be a very valuable asset. New styles can be shared with millions of people at one time.

The most successful fashion brands have excelled in the task of creating visually appealing images that generate an emotional response in the user. Social media has been proved a very powerful research tool for the fashion industry. They use it to find out what styles followers actually likes and what they’re wearing. Followers also get an update about the current trends and what different brands are offering.

Medical Industry

Social media engage patients, providers, and the public with relevant and timely information as well as communicate the value and credibility of the health system. Social media provides an excellent opportunity for healthcare organizations to increase patient referrals and improve the overall quality of care.

Thus, through social media, medical sector can reach a wide breadth of individuals. It is serving as a wide communication platform and covering broader population than before. It helps to spread awareness in society about health problems, preventions, symptoms, and diseases.

So, at present, it would be quite shocking if any industry ignores the importance of social media. As these 7 industries show, social media need to be a key element of every brand’s overall marketing strategy.

Social media connects agencies to agencies, people to agencies, agencies to people and people to people because if a brand is only broadcasting its own ideas and not listening to what others have to say than it isn’t truly engaging a conversation.

Considering both the pros and cons of social media, if one hand over its social media marketing to a responsible and creative organization then surely it can do wonders. 

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