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The Secrets Behind SEO Content Strategy

You have been optimizing your site or your client’s site for months and one day you decide to spy on your competitors and see they are ranking for all kinds of keywords and getting significant traffic to their site. But how are they doing it? What are you missing?

Is this question bothering you? Then read this blog and let your doubt bubbles vanish.

Combining your content strategy with your SEO strategy is the way to ensure you maximize organic traffic opportunities and stay on track when it comes to results.

Today’s SEO tactics involve several aspects, pillars, and beneficial acts to ensure higher success. While keywords are still part of that plan, you’ll need to take extra steps and concentrate on creating and implementing a better SEO approach. 

Ready to learn more about it?
If you’ve answered yes to this question, then the four pillars of SEO can help!

1. Technical SEO 

Search engines focus on the technical setup or framing of your website. As the site owner, pay close attention to the following: 

  • Navigation – provide a positive user experience
  • Indexability – search engine’s ability to analyse and add a page to its index
  • Mobile Optimization – 70% of users search on the mobile
  • Quick page loading speeds – how fast your webpage loads decides how many users remain on the website.

These hidden elements can positively or negatively affect your rankings. 

2. Content

Your content is an important aspect of your website and SEO strategy. Content structure or hierarchy should provide the best, most relevant answers to a searcher’s question. All content created for each stage of the buyer’s journey needs optimization. 

3. On-Page SEO 

On-page SEO relates to your website content and HTML and the ways to optimize them to boost rankings. In addition to keeping your website content well-structured and optimized for keywords, you can also increase on-page optimization by: 

  • URLs – It should say what your page is about
  • Keywords- use words and phrases your audience searches for
  • Including meta descriptions – it impact clicks
  • Incorporating keywords into headings/page titles
  • Inserting strong CTAs
  • Including local keywords, if required

4. Off-Page SEO 

Off-page SEO focuses optimization outside your website. Links to your website from other trusted websites increase your authority with readers and build trust with search engine algorithms. Incorporating a backlinking strategy, earning links from other websites, shares on social media platforms, and other mentions of your website across the Internet can increase your optimization efforts. 

These SEO 4 pillars can help you create an SEO strategy that drives traffic and revenue for your business. And if you need assistance implementing the four pillars of SEO, Prosocial can help.

Stay Tuned!