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Be in your role at the right time!

Being in a high position, you need to know when to act and how. You worked hard to become a manager and have been in your role for a while and feel stuck, stagnant.

The imposter syndrome sets in and you’re not sure how to succeed in this role.

Management skills aren’t Inborn, they’re learned over time so the work is never fully done.

To be a great manager, you have to hone multiple skills!

The first is interpersonal skills. How do you deal with people?

Are you able to build relationships with teammates, peers or clients? Would they see you as trustworthy and reliable?

Are you navigating conversations within and outside of your team? On a personal level, interpersonal skills allow you to empathize, celebrate and motivate those around you.

The next facet of management is the strategic facet. As a leader, you will be asked to identify roadblocks, solve problems and develop strategies to improve efficiency.

Developing Management Skills

Developing management skills requires concentrating on few key points.

Training – Seek out training programs online and reach out to your business network to refine your skills. 

Mentorship – With a mentor by your side, you can discover learning how to model new behaviors and skills. Studies show that employees are more likely to be satisfied with their job when they have a mentor than those who don’t.

Experience – Experience is the best teacher. Going through your own experiences is the best way to learn. While learning you can hit roadblocks and make mistakes but that will prepare you well for the future.

In an ideal world, you would use the identical approach to manage your team. In reality, every individual operates differently and requires a different management style. 

By seeking out guidance from others, you widen your lens and gain an opportunity to manage things differently.

Improving your management skills won’t happen overnight. However, if you stay in tune with your team’s needs and maintain a willingness to learn, you’re well on your way.