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How to improve website conversion?

Conversion rate is defined by your website usability, trust in your brand, relevancy of the incoming traffic, and a myriad of other factors. The average website conversion rate of e-commerce in India is 1.10%. Many sites only have a 0.1% to 0.2% conversion rate. It takes 1000 customers to get 1 customer. 

So, let’s see how we can get more customers with the traffic we already have.

Add pop-up
According to standard results, the average popup conversion rate is 11.09%. But certain things need to be kept in mind while adding pop-ups

  • Lure customers through offers
  • Keep a 30-second delay timer on the pop-up, this avoids the annoyance
  • Closing pop-ups should be easy
  • Pop should appear only once per user

Remove unnecessary forms
We always avoid filling out an online form, just to be scared away by too many required fields. It kills your conversion rate. Remove all unnecessary form fields, leaving only those that are essential to accomplishing your goal.

Add testimonials and client logos
No one wants to be the first person to use your product or service. So, you gain their trust by showing them reviews and client logos you have worked with.

Avoid distractions
Your landing pages should be clear, concise and easy to navigate. You can use heatmaps to see exactly what people click on. 

Strengthen your CTA copy
Generic CTAs like “Sign up” or “book now” won’t increase your conversion rate. CTAs starting with “Yes” can give you good results.

Try this formula: Yes, I want (offer)!

Live ChatBox – Capture warm leads while they’re still on your site. They can help visitors who have lingering doubt or question that keeps them from taking that last step.

A/B test headlines – 8 out of 10 people read your headline. When A/B testing your headline, experiment with variables such as Length, tone, use of statistics and use of numbers.

These are some tips to help you increase your conversion rate, but now it’s time to test your site and figure out what you need to do. Stay connected.